How Guided Surgery for Dental Implants Works

Unlike other dental implant centers that cut corners by using a cookie-cutter treatment approach and “prefab teeth” that do not take every aspect of your clinical situation into account, our unique guided surgery technique for dental implants in Houston, TX provides our patients with individualized treatment solutions that are custom-made and at times can be accomplished with as few as 4 implants.
This is called the “All on Four” concept and can be appropriate for many patients, especially those who currently wear dentures.

With the “All on Four” procedure, qualified patients receive four dental implants and a full set of new replacement teeth that are anchored, or fixed, to those four implants. The entire procedure can be accomplished in just one day—so you leave the office with a new set of great-looking, non-removable and fully functional replacement teeth in the quickest time possible. Doctors McGuire and Scheyer are experts in this popular concept of “All on Four” dental implants in Houston, and have worked with its evolution for more than 10 years.

Whether receiving traditional implants or “All on Four” implants, all patients leave our office with custom implant-supported teeth that look great, fit great, and function correctly because they are made just for them.

1. Dental and Oral Health Exam

To begin, you will be given a comprehensive dental exam by our implant dentistry and oral health team.

Oral Health Exam - Dental Implants Houston, TX

2. CT Scan

Next, a dental CT scan – a 3-dimensional x-ray of your entire mouth and jaw, is taken to guide the dental team in planning your procedure. During the scan, you may be asked to wear a custom template so that tooth and jaw positions may be verified. You will be exposed to far less radiation in a dental CT scan than in a medical grade CT scan.

CT Scan – Dental Implants Houston, TX

3. Treatment Plan

Your surgical and restorative team will prepare treatment options designed especially for you.

Treatment Plan – Dental Implants Houston, TX

4. Dental Impression

An impression (model) of your teeth is taken. If you have dentures, an impression of your gums is taken.

Dental Impression – Dental Implants Houston, TX

5. Surgical Guide Fabrication

Based on the model of your mouth and the CT scan (done in Step 4), a computer will fabricate a customized guided dental implant surgery template to assist the dental surgeon in placing your implants with precision for optimal results.

Surgical Guide – Dental Implants Houston, TX

6. Guided Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

Implants are placed in your mouth at this time. If possible, as determined by the surgeon, temporary teeth are placed securely on top of the implants while your final teeth are being custom made by the restorative dentist and laboratory technican.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery – Dental Implants Houston, TX

7. Placement of Final Teeth

Your temporary teeth are removed, and the permanent ones are fastened into place on top of the implants by the restorative dentist. You will also be fitted for a protective bite splint to reduce forces upon your valuable restorations.

Final Placement of Teeth – Dental Implants Houston TX

8. Smile!

You’re all done. Now it’s time to show off your amazing new smile!

Results – Dental Implants Houston, TX

Please remember that regularly scheduled follow-up appointments and long-term maintenance are the key to successful implants that will look and function at their very best for a lifetime. Repair and maintenance is expected over the lifetime of your restoration.

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